Top 5 Struggles Basketballer Face At Least Once In Their Lives

Basketball struggles

I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of struggles and issues people face on the court. Here are some of the most common and fatal problems that I've consolidated. Let's check it out what they really are.


#1 Got Thrashed/ Burnt By Other Players​

What do I mean by "got thrashed/ burnt by other players"? I'm pretty sure all of you know this very well. Well, there are two perspectives.

1. On the Offensive end, it could mean that you got blocked or you turnovered because your ball got stolen by other ballers.
2. While on the Defensive end, it could mean you got crossed, ankle-break or in-the-face shots and etc.

Unfortunately, there're just a lot of ballers out there who are a lot better than us in terms of skills, height, physicality and so on.
Take my personal experience for example, since I'm not tall, sometimes the bigger-sized/ taller opponents might just decide to post me up under the basket or try to power their way in. This feeling sucks!!

​#2 Keep Missing Shots

​Sometimes the ball just couldn't get into the hoop despite many tries or even wide open shots. No one can escape from this even those superstars in the NBA. They certainly have this struggle occasionally or once in a while. For example, Kobe had once missed 19 shots out of 24 attempts during a game and Michael Jordan had once missed 26 shots out of 35 attempts in one of the 1997 Playoff games. And these disastrous stats don't just end here. There are a lot more you can find online.

#3 Disappointment & Despair

These feelings usually occur after experiencing #1 and #2.  When other ballers just destroyed you despite that you've already put a lot of effort defending or shooting​, you may just feel disappointed and frustrated! And sometimes it's more than that. You may feel like giving up and quitting basketball as you feel basketball is just not the right sport for you. 
Personally, I feel this occasionally because I have a high expectation for myself. But the outcomes just can't meet my high expectation sometimes.

#4 Injuries

This is probably the most fatal problem that a baller can ever face!​ It's almost inevitable in a baller's life, especially to those professional ones.

If it's a minor injury, you are lucky and it'll mostly heal by itself and all it needs is some time to recovery. You can still play as well as before.

However, if it's serious, then good luck and may god bless you! Why would I say so? Because usually these kind of serious injuries/ wounds won't heal by itself and even after a surgery, you may still not be able to play like how you did before. The injuries would just affect your performance. ( Let's not talk about Russell Westbrook and Paul George because this does not seem to apply to them...)   Injuries are certainly very frustrating and disastrous to all ballers! I believe most of you would agree with me on this.

Here are some of the most common injuries:
Ankle sprain, hamstring strain. shin splints, knee injuries, knee sprain and muscle strain.

#5 Conflict

Last but not least, it's conflict!
It's okay to be physical during the game. However, sometimes getting overly physical or unnecessary actions might lead to a conflict which might later escalate into a fight. This is certainly not all ballers want because all we want to do is just to play basketball. We are not here to harm people.

Honestly speaking, I've experienced all of the above before and I've come up with some of the tips and advices to tackle these problems. I'll be sharing the tips and advices on my next upcoming post and hope it helps all of you!

In addition, if you guys have any questions regarding the struggles ballers face, do raise it up by simply leaving a comment below. Do let me know if you guys have any more struggles or issues that I've missed out because I'd love to learn more about it as well! Thanks!

Best regards,
King Ho
Founder of The NBA Insider

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