A brief understanding of ME:

I’m a Taiwanese who has been studying in Singapore for more than 6 years and currently serving the Singapore’s National Service (NS). Yes, I’m a Singapore permanent resident. ( which is why I’m serving the NS).Me

Now, let’s get to the most interesting part about myself- my hobby.  Obviously, my hobby is playing basketball. Here’s how and why I started playing basketball. I started playing basketball when I was in 6th grade in Taiwan. And when I say ” play”, it means literally playing like bouncing the ball ( I’d like to emphasize on this, it’s bouncing and not DRIBBLING) and shooting the hoops with friends. I guess many of you would understand this kind of situation as a starter. 🙂 It wasn’t that important to me and wasn’t part of my life yet.

On February 2012, everything started to change. It was a turning point to me. Linsanity swept around the whole world and it crazed people regardless of nationalities, races and different basketball backgrounds. From that moment onwards, I fell in love with basketball and it has become an essential part of my life. I started following NBA and slowly understood this organization and how fascinating and intriguing it is. Then, I started playing REAL and legitimate basketball.

My favorite players:

After going through how my favorite hobby came about, let’s now talk about my favorite NBA teams and players. Frankly, I support by players and not teams as to me, teams are made up of players. I have a handful of favorite players namely Jeremy Lin, Dwyane Wade, LaMarcus Aldridge, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Russel Westbrook. These players are pretty well-known and famous and I believe a lot of basketball fans/you find them really familiar.

Please feel free to contact me via Email of comments should you have any inquiries or doubts. It’s my pleasure to answer your questions.


Best regards,

King Ho