Is Trevor Ariza the answer to Lakers?

I know that there were lots of rumours on Trevor Ariza likely to be traded to the Lakers before he was officially traded to the Wizards. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the case. Let's begin with Trevor Ariza's stats in the 2018-2019 NBA season first.

At the age of 33 years old, he's averaging 10.6 ppg, 3.5 apg, 5.7 rpg with FGP of 0.375% and 3PG of 0.339%. If you look solely at his points per game and rebound per game, it might still look acceptable or even pretty much decent as a role player. However, as a 3D player, he isn't shooting well beyond the 3 point line so far in this season. Besides that, he's also struggling with his field goal percentage. Wait... that isn't all. What's worse is that his defence is getting worse and he's defensive rating has been falling below the league's average so far in this season. Putting all these stats aside, the number 33 as age appears to be slightly old. After all, it'll only get tougher and more tiring as the long season proceeds, especially when it comes to the playoffs. However, I still do recognise and acknowledge the fact that he's a decent role player and he'll definitely be able to help his team based on his experience; but it's just a matter of the extent of the impact to the results.

Although he's been traded to the Wizards, he still might have a chance to end up playing for the Lakers before the trade deadline. 

I also realised that some fans are also expecting Carmelo Anthony to play for the Lakers, hoping he can help the lakers with his offence. Unfortunately, he's not the scoring machine that we've previously known for, and he'll be a big hole on the defensive end. Therefore, I really discourage Lakers signing him.

Currently, the Lakers are back to the right track and have improved much since the start of the season. It ranks #10 on the defensive rating and #9 on Points scored per game. That might sound quite well. On the other hand, it ranks #18 on 3 pointers made per game (10.8 made) and #19 on 3 pointer percentage which do not show any positive sign since 3 pointer is the most lethal and necessary weapon in today's NBA. Adding on, the lakers are having way too many turnovers with 15.6 turnovers per game which ranked #25 out of 30 teams. 

There are other issues with the Lakers as well. For example, Lebron James hasn't really been taking part on the defensive end because he probably doesn't want to build up his fatigue level and get any injury before the playoffs. But the by product is loose defence and other younger players not putting 100% on defence as well since their leader isn't leading by example. 

As the old NBA saying goes, offence wins games, but defence wins championships. I hope that the Lakers can put more emphasis and effort on defensive end!


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