Future Hall Of Fame Member : The Flash, D.Wade


Dwyane Wade, the flash, is one of my favorite players. As a SG, he was too fast and too strong that Shaq used " flash" to describe him. And he's become one of the top SG of all time. He's got 3 rings, 1 FMVP1 single season scoring champion,
12X All Star and 1 All Star MVP. (Note that these career highlights and awards are not exhaustive.) He's become the blocking leader of players under 6'4. There're just too many great achievements that he's done. I'm pretty sure that there're a lot of fans out there who love him as much as I do. So I'm gonna share my views on D.Wade.


During his prime, he can score as many points as he wanted. He can crossover and bypass anyone like a flash and dunk over big players. He can also play good defense and block 7 footers. You don't often see a 6'4 guard blocking a PF or even a centre right in front of him. But D.Wade had been doing it very often. His physicality, strength, agility and a precise prediction perfectly make him such a good defender and a blocker. I guess this is one of the biggest reasons why I, or rather many of you, love him so much!

He's also one of the few guards who's proficient at low post moves and fade-away shots. This is how versatile and how all-rounded he is!

There's almost nothing that he couldn't do. Oh wait, maybe there's one...............
Shooting 3 pointers. He isn't a good 3-pointer shooter. Hahaha. But this didn't hinder him to become a superstar. And at the age of 35, his 3 pointer is improving as we've seen during this season with the Bulls.

I think what makes him such a successful player is his determination , perseverance, confidence and his commitment to basketball. He knows what he's capable of achieving and he won't let all his haters, criticism and even injury get in his way!

At the age of 35, despite knee injuries, he's still an all-star player who's capable of making game-winning plays, moves and shots and bringing his team to victory! I've seen so many criticism saying he's old, he's not as good as before and all the useless nonsense. Although I do agree that his performance in the 1st round series against the Celtics in the 2016-17 playoffs wasn't on form, especially in the game 6, he's proven to us that he can still make clutch shots at the very last minute of the game and he is still a game-changer after all!

Perhaps, he might be getting slower, less efficient, not as strong, not as dominant as before and even retire after a few more seasons, He will still be the D.Wade , the flash, the great player that we look up to, we admire and we love!

"Whenever there is a big game and people don't think I can do it, I always play my hardest, and now it has become a part of me."     
                                                          -Dwyane Wade

My personal drawing

Lastly, good luck to you, Dwade. We'll always believe in you!

Best Regards,
King Ho
Founder of The NBA Insider

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