CRAZIEST Trade ever in the NBA history

With DeMarcus Cousins officially signing with the DubNation, the game is over. By saying "the game", I'm referring to the 2018-2019 NBA Champion Title. Here's why....

  • Strong Front court players namely KD, Green and the new arrival, Boogie
  • Strong Backcourt as before namely the Splash Brothers
  • One of the best Head Coaches in the league namely Steve Kerr
  • Influential and experienced bench players leading by Iggy 

I think I don't have to emphasize how great, strong, crazy, lethal, marvellous and deadly their offence is as all of us have already learnt since years ago EVEN WITHOUT the arrival of DeMarcus Cousins!! But I do have to remind everyone that they are also one of the top defensive teams! So what do you expect the result to be like WITH this powerful big fella, Boogie. I can't image how the other 29 teams are going to "play" against GSW. See, I can't even use the word "compete" because there isn't even a fair competition......

Lastly, I think the fact that the Warriors has 5 vintage ALL-STAR Starters with 2 MVPs all at their peaks is already sufficient to explain everything. Period.

Oh wait.... There is just one thing we can do!!! Just pray for Poor Team Chemistry and Injuries happening ( Obviously, I don't want any injury to happen to any of the athletes !!).

In conclusion, the biggest enemies GSW will be facing are their team chemistry and potential injuries to the players. That is all!

Please do comment and share with me your thoughts on this trade, I'll be more than happy to discuss with y'all! Thanks!


Founder of The NBA Insider,

King Ho

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