Comments on Houston Rockets Trade 2018 summer (by September 2018)

Main Trades (by September 2018):

Obtained: Carmelo Anthony (From the Thunders)

What is given away: Trevor Ariza (To Suns)

          The Houston rockets has done an excellent job for the 2017-2018 season. Finishing at the top seed in the whole association and making it to the Western conference finals were certainly remarkable. Not to mention James harden, who had just been named the MVP of the year with marvellous stats and dominance on court, the team’s performance was absolutely a collective effort. From its offense to its defense, the team had a great chemistry. I think the fact that they managed to push the conference finals to game 7 against the Warriors itself is already quite an evidence proving that they are actually not far from the Warriors, at least to say, as compared to the Cavaliers. In fact, they lost the last 2 games WITHOUT Chris Paul! It might appear to be redundant, but I still have to say that they might even get into the finals if Chris Paul was healthy and able to play. (I know these “if”s are bullshit because what has happened has already happened and can’t be undone, but isn’t these what we all often think ? So I’m just saying this for a lot of people’s sake).

            Now, I’m going to talk about some of the Rocket players who might not appear much as a focal point on the score sheet but without them, such as outstanding performance wouldn’t have been able to achieve. Trevor Ariza, especially since he is no longer with the Rockets as they decided not to keep him, was one of such players. ( I’m not talking about Eric Gordon because he is the 3rd scoring point on the team and I definitely don’t have to mention the 2 star players namely James Harden and Chris Paul). Trevor Ariza is very crucial to the Rockets especially when Mike D’Antoni decided to play small and fast. At 6’8, Ariza is able to play both SF and PF and sometimes even C since he was the tallest players in the “small” setting (Chris Paul, James Harden, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and P.J. Tucker). He is the kind of 3D player who is able to guard a perimeter player and make 3s when given the space. He doesn’t need much possession of the ball to be effective unlike Chris Paul and Harden. This is also what makes him a good fit into the team.

            Now, here’s the problem. The Rockets didn’t re-sign him, instead, it signed Carmelo Anthony. I have to make a disclaimer right here. I love Carmelo Anthony and he is one of my favourite players considering his skilled offense and post moves. Nonetheless, I have to admit that he is getting older, not as effective as before and most importantly, certainly not a good off-ball player). He isn’t good at doing catch-and-shoot and neither was he good at defending. (his defense, although I hate to say, is subpar). Assuming that he was still the kind of player like when he was with the OKC, he will not bring the Rockets far and wouldn’t be much of the answer to the loss of Trevor.

            So what do I mean by saying he would, most probably, be the kind of player like when he was with the OKC? It’s simple. Extremely ineffective in off-ball offense, not so effective in on-ball offense and isolation and last but not least, poor defense. ( These are the reasons why he was being benched so much against the Jazz, especially in the 4th quarters, in the first round). If he doesn’t change much, which is highly likely, he won’t be a good fit to the Rockets. He needs possession of the ball to play! But guess what, the only ball is shared in between Harden and Paul!!! Like what we’ve seen in his games with the OKC, he often obstructed the flow of the ball and offense.

            Secondly, it has been proven that sole offense is insufficient to beat the Warriors. You can’t possible out-score the Warriors by just making shots since they are pretty good at pressured defense and smooth at transiting from defense to offense. Trevor made a great job at defending the warriors. But the question is can Carmelo do it, too?

            Frankly speaking, I think the Rockets isn’t getting better with the release of Trevor and arrival of Carmelo. Carmelo is a great player but he isn’t suitable for the Rockets and definitely not the answer to the rockets in contending championship. As far as the above-mentioned are concerned, we must keep in mind that Chris Paul is ageing and there is a very high tendency that he won’t play as great as the last season due to his age and history of injuries.

            Overall, I’d give the Rocket’s operation during the summer a D grade, which is essentially not even a passing grade I'd say.

             Again, please do share with me any thoughts or opinion regarding the trade if you have any simply by hitting the comment button below!


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