Can The Cavs Defend The 2017 NBA Title?

Here we are again, coming to the end of 2016-2017 NBA regular season and starting off the intense, rigorous and exciting playoffs! Then many of us would come across with this question-
Will the Cavs secure their 2nd franchise NBA championship title? That's certainly a controversy and the truth is that we will never know until the end of the playoffs! (Like duh~ )

But let me share with you guys some of the stats and what I've observed regarding Cavs performance lately! This post is highly objective and non-biased. So let's get started......

We've observed that Cavs isn't doing too well recently, especially they had lost 5 games in the last 10 games up to 8th April 2017 which is unacceptable for one of the greatest title contestant. What's wrong with the greatest NBA title contestant, the Cavs, lately? Here's are some of the summarized points.

#1 Offensive

  • Lack Of Play-Maker
  • Over-Reliant On LBJ
  • Lack Of Initiatives

Lack of Play-Maker?? This is one of the most ridiculous things which I couldn't understand at all. Look, they have Kyrie Irving, Deron Williams, Lebron James and Iman Shumpert and maybe Kevin Love in the Cavs roster, and these players are decent passers. Yet, no one except for LBJ is able to make many plays.....  The plays Cavs are making are monotonous and when it comes to Kyrie, it's mostly isolation. I think Coach Lue should take a huge part of responsibility in this since he's the head coach and he has so many decent players in the team. It's certainly not convincing that he's unable to come out with complicated plays...

Then now we talk about this " Over-Reliant on LBJ" Issue, which is certainly not a good sign as he's 32 years old and he still averages 37.6 mins per game this season. Yes, I think most of us do agree that he's a beast and the team needs him, however, looking from a long term perspective and considering that there are still a lot of INTENSE PLAYOFFS GAMES to go, having little rest might just get him exhausted eventually.

Lastly, this is also a big issue. When LBJ is off the court, we don't often see players stepping out and carry the team when necessary. The Cavs becomes a brand-new weak team without the presence of LBJ. Frankly speaking, I don't even know if the they are still able to make it to the playoffs without LBJ, just to be realistic.......


#2 Defensive

  • Poor D Communication
  • Passive D mindset
  •  LBJ's Debatable D Effort

Here we come with one of the major issues which is their Poor Defense Communication. Recently, we've been seeing a lot of situations where the opponents got easy basket or wide-open shots. As the saying goes,  "Defense wins championship". Without a proper oppressing defense, winning the title is almost impossible.

This Passive Mindset on Defense also results in this struggle they are facing. Just to support my stand, Cavs' Opponents Point Per Game, according to the ESPN, is 106.8 pts which ranks 20th in the NBA and don't forget they are targeting the title, not just the playoffs.

Lastly, I think LBJ should take huge part of the responsibility for the poor defense. why? Simple reasons, he's the LEADER, Captain and the player of influence not just in the team but the whole NBA as well. Sometimes, we can see that he just gives up on the defense and complains. This is certainly not what a leader should do. Take Kobe Bryant on the 2008 Olympics for example, he was the head of the players in the NBA, and once he put a lot effort in defending, other players would do the same thing. So LBJ should set the example and start putting 120% effort on the defensive end before everyone starts to follow him.

#3 ​Kyrie's Knee Injury

​Unfortunately, this problem can be extremely devastating to the Cavs. In order to win the title, Cavs definitely need a healthy Kyrie. 

To sum it up, Cavs definitely needs to solve these problems before they have severe impacts on the team. Ultimately, it's not so easy to defend a title after all. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to share with me simply by dropping a comment below. Let me know if you guys like this post as well. Thank you!

Best Regards, 
King Ho
Founder of The NBA Insider

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