5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The NBA


​As a loyal NBA fan, I'm gonna tell you why you should start watching NBA or following NBA if you haven't been doing so.
Here are the reasons or, I shall put it more specifically, benefits.
Let's get started.....


#1 Electrifying & Exciting Games

It has the best basketball performances around the Globe. It's a stage where the best elite basketball players in the world, not just the US, gather.
There are just so many fascinating moments and plays like dunks, posterisations, blocks, and buzzer beaters and so on and so forth.

Here are some of the examples:​

#2 Full Of Surprises

​Why do I say it's full of elements of surprises? Not just because of those fascinating improvised plays but the fact that it's sometimes very difficult to predict the winner of one game because NO TEAM, literally,  is 100% guaranteed a win until game is officially called by the officials. We've seen so many cases where a "super" or " the best" team losing to what we called the " dark horses" or relatively weaker teams. This happens pretty often! 
So don't be surprised if you see a "super" team losing next time because it is completely and perfectly normal.

#3 Highly Accessible & Convenient

Thankfully, the NBA organization has made the games highly accessible. We 're able to watch and enjoy the games on LIVE on TV, online streaming and even when you are not in the US, but anywhere around the globe.

Isn't it very convenient?

OK, there's another PLUS point for those who are busy and unable to watch the full games due to various reasons. That is the Game Highlight videos edited by those youtube channels and fans. So we're able to just to spend a few minutes to gain of experience of watching the most exciting moments of the games through the highlights.​

In addition, these highlights are FREE and not hard to find. In fact, all you have to do is just to type in the key works on the Youtube search engine. Can you see how accessible it is?

#4 Source Of Motivation & Encouragement

​If you are looking for some motivations or inspirations, NBA is like a library full of stories of successful and determined players. I'm sure you've heard some of the most popular stories like how Kobe's hardwork and determination gets him the priceless NBA titles, how MJ has inspired millions of people and those players thriving to get recognized. There're just too many of them what I won't be able to mention every single one of them.

#5 Pleasure, Relaxtion & Release Of Stress

After a long day or hours of hardwork whether in the office or school, you definitely need some pleasure to relax and release your stress. Watching these games can be helpful and it's definitely a good idea. It's just like watching an exciting and electrifying show with full of elements of surprises like what I've mentioned in #1 and #2.

Those points above are my personal thoughts and perspectives. If you have any points to add on, please feel free to share with me simply by commenting at below. 


Best Regards, 
King Ho
Founder of The NBA Insider

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