4 Effective Tips To Tackle Basketball Struggles

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​Previously, on my last post regarding some of the most common basketball struggles that I've shared with you guys, I'm sure that you guys have a clear insight of what these struggles are. Nevertheless, realizing that you have these struggles isn't too much of a help. In fact, it's just the first step. Therefore, here I am to share with you guys 4 effective tips to pull you out of these unpleasant predicaments. 


#1 The Correct Mindset:

It's okay to be thrashed by other players sometimes. It's perfectly normal. There're just a lot of decent players out there. You don't have to be ashamed because of losing or being burnt. Everyone has definitely experienced this before and even those best players in the world like Kobe Bryant, KD, Lebron James and Stephen Curry and etc.

In addition, we need to understand that sometimes we are just unlucky as the ball just couldn't get in. Shit happens sometimes. You can feel disappointed, but try not to let these bad feelings overcome and dominate you! it's fine to let them stay in you for a short while because we are all human beings, we have feelings.

#2 Confidence and Hardwork:

Given that you have already inculcated #1 The Correct Mindset, what you can do to stay away from those sucky feelings is to get improvement on your basketball skills, your physicality and mentality. It's important to have confidence in yourself no matter what. Take Kobe Bryant for example, he as high confidence in himself even when things doesn't go his way. And with that mentality, he continued to train and work harder than anyone which ultimately, leads him to be one of the best all-time basketballer in the world.

So what I'm trying to get my message across is that you have to believe in yourself first before you can achieve anything. This philosophy applies to anyone all the time. It's not possible for you to improve if you don't even recognize yourself.​

#3 Stay Healthy

Staying healthy may be a vague solution counteracting sport injuries. So here I am to share some quick tips and advices for you guys.

  • Have A Healthy Diet. So what do I mean by having a healthy diet?
         1. Have a balanced diet. I.e. appropriate amount of each essential                  nutrients in every diet.

         2. Consume less junk food. Eg. potato chips, deep-fried food etc.

    These may not affect your performance directly, but it improves your overall fitness and health.

    To prevent bone injuries, which is a very common injury, you may want to consider consuming more calcium-rich food such as milk, cheese and other diary products. 

  • Be Careful & Watch Out For Any Potential Hazard.
    Despite having a healthy diet, what may happen on the court is unpredictable. You may still have a chance to get injuried if you are being INCAUTIOUS AND CARELESS on the court. Ultimately, Safety is the utmost priority, so avoid unnecessary and intense physical contacts.

#4 Be Professional, Sportsmanlike & Respectful​

​Try not to attempt to do some unnecessary moves and actions which might irritate your opponents or cause injuries. Disrespectful hand gestures and inappropriate comments should be avoided as well. All of us are just there to play Basketball, not to pick fights. We should be responsible of our own actions and words.

Again, if you guys have any questions related to this article, feel free to drop me your questions of comments below. Do let me know if you guys like this article. Thanks!​

Best regards, 
King Ho
Founder of The NBA Insider

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